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About Us

Kid’s Cottage Daycare Society is dedicated to the healthy development of children in a safe and caring atmosphere. The overall goal of our program is to provide children with the stimulating, nurturing and flexible enviroment that is necessary for physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being.

We are a parent-operated daycare facility run by a Board of Directors elected once a year. Our goal as a staff team, is to work in conjunction with the elected Board of Directors to provide the best service possible to all members of Kid’s Cottage Daycare Society.

Our History

Kid’s Cottage Daycare Society was developed in 1993 when the previous childcare provider, The YMCA Daycare Centre, decided to close their operation. Following the YMCA’s decision to close, the parents of the children attending the facility decided to explore the possibility of forming a parent operated non-profit daycare centre. Kid’s Cottage Daycare Society was later formed with its first Board of Directors being elected in 1993. The centre is operated within the laws and regulations of the Province of British Columbia.

Organizational Structure

Although staffing levels may vary due to additional part-time staff, casual labour, and those care givers at the centre who may be on a practicum; below is our usual compliment of staff.

  • The centre has a permanent full-time Supervisor and an Assistant Supervisor.

  • Group Daycare/Preschool has 4 permanent staff and the supervisor also works in this program.

  • Infant Toddler has 3 permanent staff members.

  • Out of School Care has 3 permanent staff members

  • Special Note: All staff at Kid’s Cottage Daycare Society have had criminal background checks, and are all ECE trained if they work in IT or group daycare programs. ECE is not required for school age care but some of our teachers have their designations

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