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Thanks for your interest in Kid’s Cottage Daycare Society. We know that choosing a childcare centre for your child is a huge decision that takes time and much consideration. Kid’s Cottage Daycare consist of three childcare programs.

Infant/Toddler – 0-36 months- 8 spaces (ratio of 1 staff per 4 children), Group Daycare - aged 30 months to school age – 25 spaces
(ratio of 1 staff to 8 children) and Before and After School Care – kindergarten to grade 5 – 30 spaces (ratio of 1 staff per 10 children if the group includes kindergarten/grade 1 children or 1 staff to 12 children for grade 2-5).

The centre has one full time manager and 1 full time assistant manager. Both these positions consist of on and off the floor time.
Please note that our wait list does not always work on a first come first time basis. Priority is given to siblings of children who are currently enrolled in the centre. We must also take into consideration the age of the children, the dynamics of the groups and any extra needs that children and families may have, in order to ensure that the appropriate supports can be met and provided.

Below is list of questions and answers that may help you decide whether Kid’s Cottage Daycare Society is a good fit for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When can I place my child on the wait list?
A. You may put your child on the wait list prior to delivery, however you must update us with the actual date of birth and name once they have arrived.

Q. Is there a wait list application fee?
A. No. Once a spot has been offered to you, you will have 24 hours to confirm that you will be accepting the spot. At that time, a $100 deposit will be required from you in order to reserve that space. $75 of this deposit is refundable with 2 months withdrawal notice.


Q. How long can I expect to wait to receive an offer of a childcare space?
A. As per above we do not always operate on a first come first serve basis. This makes it exceedingly difficult to predict availability. Unfortunately, some children will age out of a program prior to a spot becoming available in the room they are requesting.
June to September are the large intake months, with the majority of spaces becoming available during these times.


Q. Can I call in to find out where I am on the wait list?
A. Once again, we do not operate on a first come first serve basis, therefore it is difficult to predict when spaces will be available. Therefore, we cannot accurately update you on timelines.

Q. Is there a cap on the wait list?
A. No, at this time we we do not have a cap on the wait list. As of August 2022 we do have over 500 families on the list. 

Q. Do you accept children with Special Needs?
A. We are an inclusive centre and welcome children who require extra support. As we need to ensure that all children in our care are properly cared for and supervised we will work closely with the family, and all services that they are involved with, to ensure we
are the right fit for each child. If your child starts at the centre and we feel that extra support is needed, we will help to refer you to the appropriate services. Our staff team will work closely with the team that supports a child with special needs in order to help
them adapt to their new environment at Kid’s Cottage Daycare.

Q. What happens when a space become available?
A. Once a space becomes available, we will call or email you. You will then be given a timeline to respond, typically 24 hours. Failure to respond will result in you being taken off the wait list and we will move on the next family. As we require 2 months withdrawal
notice we aim to give all parents as much notice as possible on available spaces. At that time, a $100 deposit will be required from you in order to reserve that space. $75 of this deposit is refundable with 2 months withdrawal notice.

Q. What happens if I accept the space, pay my deposit and then change my mind?
A. As per the deposit form that you will be required to fill out, 2 months notice or fees in lieu is due when withdrawing. This includes a space that has been saved for you. If we can fill the space for the same time frame, you will not need to pay the monthly fees,
however you will forfeit your full deposit.

Q. What happens if I decline a space that is offered to me?
A. You may decline a space that is offered and remain on the wait list for a later date or be changed over to a different rooms wait list.

Q. When can I come and view the centre?
A. Due to the high number of families on the wait list we are not currently doing tours of the centre until a space for your child has become available. We are pleased to provide references from both past and present families in the meantime.

Q. Do you offer part time care?
A. Part time spaces are available in the daycare and before and after school care rooms when available. We only offer full time care in the infant toddler program as space are limited.

Q. Once my child starts in a program am, I guaranteed a space in the next room once they age out?
A. Spaces in the next age group are not guaranteed, however they are given to internal families prior to accepting external families. Spaces in the next age group will be offered according to enrolment dates.

Kid's Cottage Daycare Society  •  Auditorium Building, 2601 Lougheed Hwy. Coquitlam, B.C.  V3C 4J2 •  • T  604-521-8952
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